• Melody Richard’s story is one of courage and hope in the midst of unimaginable circumstances. With the heart of a warrior, the faith of a disciple and the training of a counselor and therapist, Melody recounts with honesty and candor the painful journey of losing a child in an accident and the harrowing days and months that followed.

    Melody’s presentation is non-judgmental and yet precise and real as she drives home the importance of making wise and thoughtful choices and the reality of accepting the consequences of ones actions, which sometimes are life altering. She also communicates the joy, peace and ultimate hope that comes when we focus on the eternal perspective.

    Melody is competent, personable, gentle, ministerial, challenging and encouraging all at the same time. She will pull on your heart and challenge your mind as she presents her very personal story and will cause you and your audience to think twice before drinking and driving. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She has simply driven our campus and our students to think more consistently about how we live, the choices that we make, and most importantly WHO we live for.

    You will not want to miss a moment of Melody Richard’s presentation.


    Pastor Laurel M. Bunker

    Dean of Campus Ministries and Campus Pastor

    Bethel University, Saint Paul, Minnesota

  • This letter is in reference to Melody Richard’s ministry at Grand Canyon University. She shared her story of her daughter’s untimely death and what the Lord has taught her in our Chapel service.

    Melody’s message was both powerful and poignant. Her ability to share through the pain she experienced was powerful for college students. They want a real message; to hear someone’s story of how God has been true and faithful to them. Melody was able to connect with the students because her message was real and she was authentic.

    The message was also poignant. Poignant because it related to exactly where college students live today. Her daughter’s choices and consequences are the very battle so many Christian college students struggle with today. Hearing a mother’s brokenness and love through the pain she experienced caused our students to have to critically think about the choices they make.

    I would highly recommend Melody to speak at any group of college or high school students. It’s one thing for students to hear their parents or youth pastor tell them to be wise with the choices they make; it’s even more powerful to hear that message from a mother who is living with the consequences of her daughter’s choice one night. Then to hear the hope and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ come through her message as she shares who her daughter really was and the legacy she left behind; it leaves one with a deep appreciation of the love of God.


    Pastor Mik Milem

    Grand Canyon University