What is Melody’s speaking style? 

Melody communicates with empowering energy, credibility, warmth, and humor. Her passion for pointing people to Jesus comes out clearly.

What topics will Melody cover when speaking?

Melody speaks from a list of foundational messages (shown below), which can be tailored to accommodate your event or retreat. She also welcomes the opportunity to explore specific needs with you.

UNSHAKABLE FAITH: LIVING IN LIGHT OF ETERNITY – In our journey though life, it is tempting to conclude whether God is for us or against us based on our circumstances. Faith soars when prayers are answered, but fades with the pressures and trials of life. Melody shares how she overcame tragic loss, fears and doubts. Leaning on Jesus and a revelation from Genesis 22, the testing of Abraham, transformed her thinking and formed in her an unshakable faith.  She shows that when we give up trying to seek the answers to the “whys” in our lives and trust our sovereign God instead, we experience peace that transcends all circumstances.  Melody’s profound message of faith will encourage you to embrace an eternal perspective… discovering joy in light of eternity.

DISCOVERING TRUE JOY – When our life turns out differently from what we had hoped for, we have a choice in how we respond. How we respond to disappointments and loss has the potential to either hurt us or transform us. The great news is that there is a way of walking through life which moves us beyond suffering and mere surviving to finding true joy and supernatural thriving. Melody’s profound message of hope will help us to embrace an eternal perspective, realizing that this life is not all there is and is merely preparation for our final destination – our heavenly home. Our lives can be filled with JOY when we discover the presence, power, and purpose of God in every circumstance.

A DESIRE FOR MORE – We want each day to matter. But too often our fears, failures, thoughts, and insecurities get in the way. Melody shows how she overcame tragic loss and doubts, and embraced God’s calling on her life knowing that she was created to live a powerful life of purpose. Melody unpacks the biblical truth of living in light of eternity. With practical insights on how eternity impacts every aspect of your life, including your relationships and your struggles, you will be encouraged to take those steps of faith, and passionately join God in His story: His purpose for your life.

THOUGHT MAKEOVER – Our thoughts are powerful! When our self talk is negative we often struggle with issues of self-esteem, depression, worry, fear, anger, and discouragement. Melody shares from Scripture, her role as a counselor, and her own life experiences how we can turn our thoughts around and experience a victorious life in Christ.

THE UNEXPECTED GIFT OF JOY (CHRISTMAS THEME)  When our life turns out differently than we had anticipated, Melody’s message of hope shows that our lives can be filled with joy when we discover the presence, power, and purpose of God in every circumstance. Melody powerfully communicates hope and joy through her own story and through Mary, the mother of Jesus. Come and enjoy a message that will make you laugh, warm your heart, and help you to unwrap the gift of joy this Christmas season.

GRIEF PRESENTATION: FINDING HOPE IN THE DARKNESS – As a counselor, Melody has worked with many individuals who have experienced loss and are struggling to move past the fear and sadness that are ruling their lives.  She will share information and proven techniques that enable individuals to reengage and create a new life that is productive and fulfilling. God has created our brain to be so adaptive and powerful that our own thoughts during this painful time can lead us to a beautiful future. You will be encouraged to move forward and experience healing and renewed joy.

FOR STUDENTS: A QUEST FOR MORE – Melody compels listeners to see the pressures of temptation and how we can be victorious through Christ. She ignites in students a desire to live a powerful life of purpose. She vividly communicates how the worldly deception of success and temporary happiness can be a trap and shows how eternity impacts every aspect of our lives, including our relationships and our struggles. The hope is that students will walk away with a quest for more – a desire to live a purposeful life, as they see that their life today will impact the eternal reality that awaits them.

How do I invite Melody to be a speaker at my next event?

Please complete the “Contact Melody” form and include your phone number, description of the event, location, estimate of number of women/students at the event, and any other additional information you would like us to know. Melody prayerfully considers each speaking invitation, however, to maintain a reasonable schedule, Melody may not be able to accept every invitation.

Will I get help with promotional materials?

Yes. We will provide you with examples of promotional materials used at past events, plus we will equip you with photos, Melody’s bio, and other information needed to create a promotional piece. These elements are available through our Event Planning Toolkit. All materials, once completed, do require final approval by Melody.

What is Melody’s speaking honorarium and what other expenses are involved when booking her?

Speaker fees are determined based on various factors such as the length of an event, number of speaking sessions, budget, and degree of customization required. She wants the message accessible to as many people as possible, so she will work with you and your budget.
When travel is required, the event sponsor is responsible for customary expenses such as accommodations, meals, and mileage.

What kind of technical equipment is needed when Melody speaks?

Melody’s presentations are enhanced with video clips and photographs. It is important that the facility in which Melody is to speak is equipped with a computer, sound system and projection equipment that can support this type of multi-media presentation. Melody will bring a Mac laptop as well as a USB jump drive with her presentation. A technical person will need to be available on site prior to the event for any assistance needed.

Is Melody’s book sold at the event?

Yes. Melody will spend time signing books and meeting with those who attend an event. It is her hope that the Lord will use her to minister to ladies and students throughout the event, not just from the stage.

Is Melody willing to do radio interviews?

Yes. Please contact the ministry with details and we will work with you to make the necessary arrangements needed with radio personnel.

Thank you for your interest in Melody’s availability to speak at your event.