• Melody Richards is personally acquainted with grief but she is also intimately acquainted with the Lord Jesus Christ. You will be lovingly counseled and deeply consoled as you journey with her through the death of her daughter. The reality of Heaven will come through in living color as she envisions her daughter in the presence of Jesus. But then you will be brought back to earth, back to the sorrow of a mother’s heart, to see the very real comfort the Lord provides and the transforming power of living with a great hope.

    Charles Morris, President of Haven Ministries, and Janet Morris, authors of Saving a Life and Jesus in the Midst of Success.

  • I highly recommend Melody Richard’s book “Collision With Joy” ! As a pastor, author, and seminary professor, I have read many books on grief and many others on Heaven. Melody combines the best of all of them in one book. As she writes about her own pain as a mom who lost her daughter to a tragic and sudden car accident, the reader is led to feel Melody’s gnawing ache, her questions, and the heavenly perspective that was her source of comfort through her grieving process.

    The truly unique aspect of Melody’s book lay in her vivid descriptions of what she imagines her daughter was experiencing in Heaven while she was grieving as a mom on Earth. I found Melody’s picture of Heaven to be theologically accurate, wonderfully creative, and very reassuring. I have not suffered the loss of a close relative, but I still became excited thinking about the prospect of Heaven in ways that I normally do not. By the end of the book, it was easy to see why Melody’s effort to “look at suffering in light of eternity” served her so well in processing her own grief.

    “Collision With Joy” is a book that will appeal to those who grieve, to moms and dads, and to anyone who longs to see a practical reason why the anticipation of what awaits believers in Heaven can be such as amazing comfort here on earth.”

    Dr. George Kenworthy, Founder/CEO of Hope for the Hurting Home and author of “Before the Last Resort”.

  • In “Collision with Joy”, Melody Richards encourages us to keep our minds focused on Heaven. She knows we can make it through almost anything—even the death of a child—if we are convinced that better things lie ahead, that despite the darkness of the night, joy will come in the morning. Melody’s glimpses into “what is” and “what might be” stir the soul, challenge the mind, and build our faith.

    Ken Abraham, New York Times bestselling author