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Many people find themselves feeling overwhelmed at some point in their lives. I’m here to offer you hope. You can receive healing. Your life can change.

Therapeutic services include:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Grief & Loss
  • Marital/Relationships
  • Blended Families
  • Abuse/Trauma


Melody is an author and gifted speaker, and is passionate about providing hope to people. She captures the hearts and minds of listeners with her dynamic, engaging, humorous, and personable style.

Melody Richards - Speaker

Melody’s passion is for women to experience renewed hope and joy. She shares from her own personal journey in losing her daughter in a tragic car accident. Melody talks openly about the hurts in her life, as well as what she has learned as she dug deeply into God’s Word for answers to difficult questions. Listeners are irresistibly drawn to see God’s faithfulness and intense love for us, even in the middle of their dark valleys. Our lives can be filled with JOY when we discover the presence, power, and purpose of God in every circumstance.

Her motto, “Live in light of eternity,” has enabled her to look beyond her circumstances and grasp the truth that this life is not her destination; it’s preparation for her final destination.

Melody speaks regularly from a list of foundational messages but also welcomes the opportunity to explore specific needs and ideas with you. View possible topics Melody can present on at your event or retreat in the FAQ.

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  • Melody Richards

    Collision With Joy: Glimpses of Heaven in the Midst of Loss

    Paperback, 174 pages

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  • Testimonials

    Melody Richards paints a picture of loss that includes both pain and victory. Melody sees the whole picture because she has eternity in view, not just the now. Her book is a life-changer.

    Jan Markell, Founder, President of Olive Tree Ministries and Host of Understanding the Times

    One of the worst losses there is occurs when a mother loses a child. Melody describes the loss, exploring the devastation and plumbing the depths of her emotions. But she does more than that. Her book also provides instruction and hope. I was especially intrigued by how she finds hope. Throughout the book she takes short visits to Heaven, imaging her sweet daughter, Danielle, experiencing the bliss and peace and comfort of finally being home. That home empowered Melody to make her home in a world of suffering and pain. Hope indeed! I was moved by her account. I trust readers will be, too.

    Jerry Sittser, Professor of Theology and author of A Grace Disguised and A Grace Revealed.

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Melody's Story

I sat bolt upright and wondered for a moment where I was. There was a loud knock as someone rapped on the front door again. My mind raced and immediately I thought it had to be my daughter, Ashley. She must have decided to come home early from her sleepover. I hoped everything was ok and she wasn’t sick. I put on my robe and walked downstairs to let her in.

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